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Application for Research Support

Welcome to the application for research support from AAPA. This form submission is required for all requests related to case-level data, data collection in a standalone survey, including questions in existing AAPA surveys, or beginning a collaboration.

For your application to be reviewed, it must be complete (all fields are required). Applications will be reviewed and decisions regarding your application will be communicated with you within one month of submission.

Components of Application (All components required for further consideration)
  1. You will provide AAPA with information about you, your organization or employer, contact information, as well as information about team members or collaborators who are working with you. You will be required to attach a CV as well.
  2. You will answer a variety of questions about your project, including your proposed budget to be considered.
  3. You will submit a full research proposal. This will be uploaded as an attachment and each section will also be entered into the application fields.
    • If all components are not addressed, an application will be denied. The proposal should be in the following format:
      1. Purpose statement: State the goal and rationale for the proposed study.
      2. Statement of significance and implications for PAs and AAPA: Detail the importance of how the study would impact the PA profession and AAPA.
      3. Brief description of methodology: Explain the study design and how the study will be conducted. While the full survey instrument is not required in the methodology section, a brief description of all variables of interest is important. What is the number of participants needed? How was this number obtained? Include any relevant power analysis and sample size estimations. Describe the feasibility of the study's recruitment goal, as well as specific specialties if you only wish to sample a segment of the profession.
      4. Data analysis plan: Thoroughly describe the analysis plan and software that will be used. For example, is the study a descriptive or inferential analysis? What type of analysis will be performed: group/distribution comparisons such as t-tests, ANOVA, chi-squared; predictive analysis including regression; etc. How will you handle confounding variables and/or covariates of interest?
  4. You will submit your full draft survey instrument. This will be uploaded as an attachment.
  5. You will indicate the desired product of the research (e.g., internal insights, peer-reviewed manuscript, conference talk or presentation, etc.)
Please do not start this application if you need more time: please come back to this page once you have all this material. It may take some time to complete, in addition to the time to create the research proposal. Email [email protected] with questions.