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AAPA 2021 ePoster & Research in Action Submission

Call for Research Proposals


Showcase your original research at AAPA 2021 at the ePosters Meet the Author sessions or Research in Action podium series. 

This year, the deadline will look a little different. Due to the earlier deadline, for this year only, research will not be required to be complete prior to submission, even for Research in Action.

The portal will open for submissions on November 13, 2020.

For consideration for Research in Action *
Deadline: December 13, 2020

For consideration for ePosters and ePoster Showcases *
Deadline: January 6, 2021

* Researchers who submit for Research in Action may also submit to be an ePoster, as in past years. This may be done at the time the submit for Research in Action to create a seamless process for them.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, presenters may present in person, live in a virtual session, or in a prerecorded session. We ask for your patience as adapt to the change demands.

Submission Materials
AAPA 2021 Submission Fields

- A detailed list of the information authors need to successfully submit their research.

AAPA 2021 Research Guidelines
- Everything you want to know about submitting to AAPA 2021 and then some!
Questions? Email us at [email protected]

We are looking for presentation proposals related to the following themes. Topics for consideration include, but are not limited to…

Bringing together your profession’s unifying foundation, what are the tools you use to shape your future? What does leadership look like for PAs? How can you advance patient care through new clinical research? What are the practice barriers PAs still experience and how can they be broken down? What is the future of PA education?

Research in this area may address the role PAs play in managing the COVID-19 pandemic, changes to their well-being including burnout and employment; how did PA programs pivot to the rapidly changing educational environment and how did students handle the changes?

PA Value and Impact
Research in this area may address the role PAs play in providing quality healthcare, improve patient satisfaction, or increase access to care; it may also address public awareness or perceptions of PAs; PA utilization as it relates to the cost effectiveness, or medical liabilities, of healthcare.

Understanding the PA Workforce
Research in this area may address issues of diversity with the profession; PA specialization trends; the ability for PAs to have career flexibility; workforce projections; or how national and state practice barriers are impacting PAs.

PA Role and Practice
Research in this area may address the reach of the PA profession; PAs roles on, as well as the dynamics of, medical teams; innovations into the expanded roles of PAs; and how legislation and systems influence the way PAs practice.
1. What is your name and email?  *This question is required.We need this information in order to send you a reminder to complete your submission, in case you need more than one session to complete the submission and to assist if you have issues.
2. Which gallery is this proposal for? *This question is required.Please review the poster submission guidelines to ensure that you are submitting your proposal under the correct heading. 
3. Which of the following apply to your submission? *This question is required.
Space Cell Yes, this appliesNo, this does not apply
Research conducted by students
Research conducted by PA in an APPAP approved postgraduate training program
Research is industry-sponsored
Encore presentation (presented previously)
Research conducted about post-graduate PA training
7. For AAPA 2021, are you willing to in present your research in the following formats? *This question is required.