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PA Observations

PA Observations

Thank you for your interest in a survey panel. 

PA Observations is a new service that pairs students, researchers, and organizations with PAs who want to share their experiences. In exchange for completing short surveys, you may receive a small thank you gift. All surveys are optional and you may take as many or as few as you wish.You will not receive more than 1 sponsored survey a month, unless you are part of a niche professional group such as pathology. Opportunities may include but are not limited to reviewing informational materials and providing feedback to organizations, answering questions about types of services rendered, or use of certain classes of medications.  

For more information about this, and other research opportunities, please reach out to our Research Team at [email protected]

To begin, we will ask you about your willingness to participate in a variety of survey types.

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Outside of your PA program have you received a master's, doctorate, or professional degree (e.g., MBA, MPH, PhD, MD, DO, JD)? *This question is required.If your master's degree was awarded to you by your PA program, do not answer yes.
Are you in a leadership role, either formally or informally? *This question is required.This may include tasks such as supervising staff, educating/orientating/onboarding others in your practice (not precepting), leading quality and performance improvement activities, or managing a budget.